Pharma Incident Report


The Pharma Incident Report is a standardized (online) tool to report an incident to shipments booked as pharma (at BRU).


/images/blog/Incident Report.docx


This report is intended to:

  1. Improve efficiency: As the content of the report is known in advance, it’s easier for the investigator to investigate the incident and respond to the needs.


  1. Decrease workload: The report includes all requirements of an incident investigation, this means no further requests or questions will be asked by the requestor. It’s one single document to be completed by all parties.


  1. Shorten response time: The Ground Handling Agents at BRU commit to complete the investigator part of the report within an agreed period of time.


The report may only be used if all items mentioned below are applicable:

  1. The shipment is booked as pharma.
  2. An incident has occurred.
  3. The requestor of the investigation transmits the document with completed PART A (=To be completed by the requestor) to the investigator within 24 hours after receipt of the complaint from the consignor/consignee.