Rent our Meeting Room(s)

We provide our meeting rooms, located on the 6th floor of Building 706, to the community to organise meetings at a central location on the BRUcargo zone.

What do we offer? 

Air Cargo Belgium offers you different packages to give you the optimal setting to organize a meeting. ACB will take all necessary actions to keep the meetings clean and coronaproof. The meeting rooms can be booked for half a day or an entire day. Prices can be found in the request form. 

  • Standard Package: This package includes coffee and water. 
  • Lunch meeting Package: This package includes coffee, water and a range of sandwiches for your participants. 

Details meeting rooms:

Meeting Room 1:

  • Location: Building 706, 6th Floor, Room 637
  • Maximum capacity: 18, currently reduced to 12 persons, due to COVID-19 measures 

Meeting Room 2:

  • Location: Building 706, 6th Floor, Room 634
  • Maximum capacity: 12, currently reduced to persons, due to COVID-19 measures 

Meeting Room 3:

  • Location: Building 706, 6th Floor, Room 634
  • Maximum capacity: 12, currently reduced to persons, due to COVID-19 measures

To make a request to book a meeting room, please fill in our request form (which you can download here) and send it to

Central Drivers Database

To keep secured freight secure, all people involved or responsible for handling and transporting the freight between secured warehouses need to be known at every stage in the process. This can be a hassle for.

Drivers who want to pick-up or deliver secured freight at the Ground Handling Agents facility need to register themselves, the driver needs to prove for which company he is operating and the security status of the company he is operating for needs to be checked in the European Regulated Agent and Known Consignor Database. The Central Drivers Database can make this process seamless and smooth and makes it possible to store drivers’ data and reuse the information later in other applications or functionalities.

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Customs Export App

The app combines manifest data, which has been made available in the BRUcloud since 2016 (via the Statistics App), with newly added data from the forwarders (the “arrival of the goods” notification). The app matches the collected data at MAWB level and reports a complete set of information (which could not be reported by the forwarder himself) automatically to customs.

Forwarders who opt to connect to the Customs Export App can drastically improve their efficiency by avoiding having to wait in lines at the Customs offices for the stamping of MAWBs and having to collect alternative evidence manually, thus eliminating paper-based procedures and the resulting errors. Moreover, the Customs authorities give clearance priority to forwarders’ shipments handled via the Customs Export App.

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International Exhibitions

Air Cargo Belgium will be the single point of contact (SPOC) and represent the community at exhibitions, conferences and fairs in order to create a strong ‘brand’ and to promote the industry as a whole. Furthermore Air Cargo Belgium also lobbies towards government and officials on behalf of the BRUcargo community.

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Admin Support

Air Cargo Belgium gives support in several internal and external projects. We help to put procedures in place for improved operations, give administration support in projects and we get in contact with all stakeholders and government agencies to address topics of common interest. We do this by a strong community cooperation and approach. Additionally Air Cargo Belgium facilities trainings, employment and guided tours.

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