Airfreight Upwards

 ACB's new grant project

Starting the new year with a new project, we are happy to share you the news that we will be working on the ‘Airfreight Upwards’ project for almost the entire duration of this year. Airfreight Upwards (Luchtvracht Hogerop) is a project call from SCOPE 2020, funded by ESF (European Social Fund) and goes under the slogan ‘Strategic Competence Forecasts of the Future' The idea behind this project is to raise awareness for the future challenges that our industry is facing. The digital advantage that BRUcargo has compared to other airports, automatizing processes and labor market tightness are all aspects where Air Cargo Belgium wants to take actions to support our entire community.


Within this project, Air Cargo Belgium will be, together with some of its members, working on 3 activities. First of all, we have the onboarding sessions for new employees. By hosting 4 BRUcargo Intro sessions in 2021, we can focus on including a new employee in the community approach and submerge him or her in the digital transformation that is currently going on.

Secondly, we set up a teaching network with 10 partners (airfreight stakeholders and school institutions). In this activity, we aim to share knowledge regarding possible solutions on the project’s main subject (Strategic Competence Forecasts of the Future). This will be done by 4 sessions organized throughout the duration of the project.

Finally, Air Cargo Belgium is hosting a variety of webinars.


This year, on top of the events that are already planned, we will organize 4 webinars (which you can see on the image) with the aim to involve new, future and current employees at BRUcargo in the airport's digital strategy, innovative solutions and community story.

  • 25 February: Innovations at BRUcargo, an opportunity for the community
  • 29 April: New developments – what about my employees?
  • 3 June: Airfreight 4.0
  • September: Competentions 4.0