Security at BRUcargo

05 Mar 2018 | Security

As from April 1st, after a transition period for corrective measurements, the BCAA will conduct additional, unannounced audits on BRUcargo’s Regulated Agent’s security programmes with focus on the Ready For Carriage, secured export acceptance procedure.

Please be advised that as from April 1st all export consignments will be subject to strict acceptance checks where all infringements will be considered as non-compliant freight with screening as consequence, no exceptions possible.

Note that compliance to all security regulations (specified in (EU) 2015 / 1998) are at the responsibility of the regulated agents, Air Cargo Belgium has a supporting and communicative role as neutral party.

We hereby call to all BRUcargo stakeholders to strive together towards an efficient and above all secure logistical platform.

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