Newsflash: COVID-19 BRUcargo FAQ

16 Mar 2020 | Newsletter

Dear member,

Air Cargo Belgium will receive, collect, answer and share all your questions regarding the Corona Virus and the impact on BRUcargo. Please forward your questions to:

We will answer the questions received as soon as possible and share the updated FAQ-list everyday around 4 pm.


FAQ1: Will Air Cargo Belgium support us during this COVID-19 Crisis?


Air Cargo Belgium will act as community contact and informer on general (not company specific) impact and measures regarding Corona. We will support and guide companies in using digital tools for teleconference meetings. Our office will be manned with 2 persons/day and all our staff members are available via phone during working hours.


FAQ2: What will happen with the planned ACB-meetings and steering groups and events?

  • All meetings will be organized via video conferencing or postponed to a later date. The ACB support responsible for that particular meeting will inform you with more information. If you did not receive a confirmation or video conference details, please contact the responsible ACB support.
  • All events/schoolvisits/trainings planned for the next 4 weeks will be delayed.


FAQ3: How do I set up a video conference call in my company?

ACB will support and guide companies in the use of digital tools for video conference calls. We recommend using the application Free Conference Call, which can be downloaded via . Click here to find a quick start guide on how to set up or join a video conference call using FCC. If you have issues in the setup of a video call, please mail – we will try to call you for assistance as soon as possible.


FAQ4: Are there any changes to the handler procedures?

  • Swissport:
    • No specific measures except from the governmental guidelines.
  • Aviapartner:
    • Number of people in the waiting room (loket) limited to 2.
    • Keep a distance of at least 1m from Reception Desk.
    • All governmental guidelines applicable.
  • WFS:
    • No specific measures, except from the governmental guidelines.
  • dnata:
    • Specific measures taken, procedures will be shared to the community ASAP (when shared to us by dnata).


FAQ5: Will the airport be closed?

NO! The airport will not shut down and will remain operational


FAQ6: Are there companies at BRUcargo putting their staff under Economic Unemployment?

Current economic unemployment is limited but most companies in the zone are preparing for this scenario.


FAQ7: Is there a necessity for extra Full Freighter capacity?

YES! There is a capacity for extra Full Freighter capacity.


FAQ8: Which airlines are currently flying to and from Brussels Airport?

Check BAC-website. If there is anymore information from the airlines in our community regarding this question, please share this to: