Overview Increased Safety Measures ACB community at BRUcargo

17 Mar 2020 | Newsletter

Hereunder, you can find the increased safety measures that are implemented by our ACB community at BRUcargo. This newsitem will be kept up-to-date:


Last updated: Monday 06/04/2020 on 10:00


Update Ground Handling Agents
New temporary procedure "Coronamaatregelen bij uithaling uit import/export magazijn"

Click here to view the new procedure introduced by the GHAs at BRUcargo for collecting goods from the import/export warehouses. This new procedure is supported by Customs and it is active until further notice. 


Starting from Thursday March 19th, only 1 person will be allowed at the counters at the same time. This measure is taken in both building 701 and building 704 (at the kiosk and the waiting room next to the acceptance zone).  
However, more than 1 employee is allowed to work at the same time in the warehouse.

Number of people in the waiting room (loket) limited to 1. The next customer should wait in the SAS or outside. This measurement is implemented in order to respect the 10 m² rule.
Keep a distance of at least 1m from Reception Desk.
All governmental guidelines applicable.
Click here to find the Safety Hygienes distributed by Aviapartner. 

Changes Buiding 832 and Building 712
As a result of the current situation, WFS Belgium is forced to take some operational measures. These measures will come into effect on March 23, 2020. As of that day, Only Forwarding  Activities will be done in Building 832.

New opening hours:

  • Monday to Thursday: 07:00 - 18:00
  • Friday: 07:00 AM - 20:00
  • Saturday and Sunday: closed (only pick-up at GHA by WFS between 07:00 – 15:00)

As a result, all import / export trucking activities will move to building 712/709. 
It is important that everyone will register in Building 712 for trucking.
By adding these volumes, the loading and unloading times may take a little longer. 
WFS will foresee extra staff in building 712 / 709 to handle these extra volumes. 
A full overview of this update can be found here

Update 27/03/2020

The protection measures for the WFS Belgium staff are adapted almost daily, to comply with the latest medical recommendations. The majority of operational staff needs to work on site and is supported by the company in the best possible way. 
The protection measure for Corona crisis also affects road feeder services and landside processes. European stations have started refusing acceptance of loose truck loads. Cargo is only accepted when palletized. The reason is that the minimum required distance to avoid infection can’t be kept if two persons are working inside the same truck for unloading. 
Unloading/loading of loose cargo by one staff member would slow down handling processes and block truck gates unacceptably, and is not an option.
Import transit cargo for all stations is hence palletized on Euro- or oneway pallets with immediate effect. From 1st April 2020, this additional service is subject to a charge as published in their tariff.
As a safety measure and for the same reason we also need to adapt our processes in export. Truck drivers and forwarding agents are asked to deliver export freight on pallets. In case of loose delivery we will ask the truck drivers to unload by themselves. WFS Belgium strongly recommend to deliver cargo palletized, to avoid longer unloading times or refusal of loose loaded shipments.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact them via sverbeeck@wfs.aero.
A full overview of this update can be found here

dnata has shared  their safety measures that they have implemented to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus with us.
Feel free to download these safety measures here:
- View here the Dutch version
- View here the French version
- View here the English version


Update Airlines & GSAs 
Lufthansa Cargo

Following the COVID-19 situation the majority of the BRU based staff is still working from home which unfortunately results in a limited reachability via telephone landline, Lufthansa kindly ask their customers to contact them by mail via:

Sales matters: sales-bru@lufthansa-cargo.com
Handling matters: handling-bru@lufthansa-cargo.com


Alternatively they invite their customers to consult Lufthansa Cargo e-services for any of below services
Shipment Status: eTracking
Customs clearance:  eTracking
Request for proof of delivery / Landing Certificate go to: POD / LC
AWB Amendment CCA : AWB Amendment
Missing Cargo: Missing Cargo
Offload: Customer Solutions Team
Return of wrong shipment: Customer Solutions Team
Missing documents: Customer Solutions Team
Liability claim: Liability Claim
Preliminary claim: Preliminary Claims
FWB / FHL:  eAWB Data Capture

Air Logistics Group
Air Logistics Group maximized tele-working. There will be 1 staff member at the office to answer phone calls.


Swiss WorldCargo
Swiss WorldCargo gives us the information that their BRU office is fully closed down. All staff remains available during normal office hours. Please contact them via: cargo.belgium@swiss.com
Their Customer Service and Sales teams are also reachable by phone:
- Pascal Boswell – Country Manager: +32 477 33 43 79
- Geert Nolf – Sales Belgium & Luxembourg: +32 473 294 355 (calls only)
- Filip Rosiers – Claims & Operations: +32 475 35 77 35
- Peter Struijs – Customer Service, Operations & Indoor Sales: +32 475 35 44 35
- Patrick Collier – Accounting: patrick.collier@swiss.com  (email only)
Here, you will find more information. 


Singapore Airlines
SIA is adhering to the recommendation made by the Federal government, staff is as much as possible working at home and operational staff operates from a different office location.
All communications have to go preferable  by email and not by phone.
Please note the following temporary changes:

Covid 19 updates: https://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/nl/travel-info/precautionary-measures/
 Singapore Airlines cargo management can be reached on +32 468 34 71 07

In light of the ongoing global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), AirBridgeCargo Airlines is trying to set an example by ensuring the well-being, safety and peace of mind of all our personnel, in order for us to continue to serve your needs with full confidence.
Hence, we have taken necessary precautions to prevent the risk of the spread of viral infections; and therefore, have ordered a majority of our personnel to work from their home starting from Monday, the 16th of March 2020.
You may still contact our dedicated sales and customer service teams under their usual contact details.
However, we may ask you to have patience as the processing of your request might take longer than usual. Rest assured that the entire team is committed to keep the impact of disruptions that might be caused by this to minimum.
We will continue to monitor the situation and closely work with authorities in order to understand and advise to you the latest guidance on COVID-19.
Please find below our contact/escalation points:
For quotations:
Group mail: Sales.BRU@airbridgecargo.com – mobile: +32 471 021 542
Escalation: Kendy.Choi@airbridgecargo.com – mobile: +32 471 021 542
Escalation: Steven.Frederix@airbridgecargo.com – mobile: +32 495 200 610
For bookings/prebookings/aftersales:
Group mail: Service.LGG@airbridgecargo.com – mobile: +32 478 161 321
Escalation: Marie.Marin@airbridgecargo.com – mobile: +32 478 161 321
Escalation: Steven.Frederix@airbridgecargo.com – mobile: +32 495 200 610
For trucking:
Group mail: Trucking.BE@airbridgecargo.com – mobile: +32 471 930 126
Escalation: Steven.Frederix@airbridgecargo.com – mobile: +32 495 200 610


Emirates SkyCargo
Communication preferably by e-mail.
Sales and tariff requests :                          skycargobrusales@emirates.com
Bookings and operational request:            skycargobru@emirates.com
Network & Covid 19 updates:       http://www.emiratesskycargo.com/services-alerts/


Inter Aviation Services
Starting on Wednesday 18 March, all staff members of IAS BRU are started with teleworking. All staff members are still available via their landlines. 

Update Forwarders
No specific measures, except from the governmental guidelines.


Deufol BRUcargo follows the guidelines imposed by the respective authorities.
We will remain operational, and we are taking measures to continue to do so for as long as possible.
Customers & partners are asked to first contact the Deufol staff (Philip.sterkendries@deufol.com – tel 02 25 25 891) to discuss eventual visit requests.


As HAZGO’s dangerous goods division has a key role to play in the fight against COVID-19, we remain fully operational throughout this unprecedented time.
 This email is to inform you of our current setup.
 We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure our operational activity is being maintained.
 First and foremost, up till now we don’t have any infected colleagues. Everybody within our organization is being screened on a daily basis.  All staff are aware of the crucial safety and hygienic measures.
Telecommuting is encouraged for office staff, but we remain at your disposal at all times.
Operational staff are active and will maintain social distance. All are equipped with 75% alcohol sanitary gel and protective masks. If possible, we will request to handle your repacks, labelling, etc…. in our HAZGO warehouse to contain risks and maintain operational continuity.
All COVID-19 related shipments are being processed with high priority. As a major supplier and partner to pharmaceutical companies and freight forwarders, we understand the urgency regarding these requests.
 In case your shipment is not high priority or COVID-19 related, you might experience some minor delays in response time.
 In case of any further critical developments, additional measures may be implemented and we will advise you accordingly.
Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us,
by mail: ops@hazgo.com or by phone: +32 2 253 69 00.


Update Brussels Airport

Update 27/03

The Health and Safety department of Brussels Airport has distributed an update on the status and measurements taken by our airport. Below, you can find the update in 3 languages: Dutch, French and English.

Click here to read the update in Dutch
Click here to read the update in French
Click here to read the update in English


- Brussels Airport remains open until further notice
    - Health of our passengers and staff remains priority: observe he hygiene and social distancing measures (1,5 meters)
- Measures for shops and restaurants:
    - Several food & beverage outlets are closed
    - Stores that are open serve only take-away meals and drinks. 
- Airport employees are asked to follow the 7 measures to protect them against the Coronavirus:

  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water (at least 40 to 60 seconds).
  • Use paper tissues and dispose of them in a lidded bin.
  • If you do not have paper tissues on hand, sneeze or cough into your elbow.
  • Touch your face as little as possible with your hands.
  • Avoid shaking hands or greeting your colleagues with a kiss.
  • Avoid contact with people who are ill.
  • Stay at home when you are ill

- The commemoration of the attacks of 22 March 2016 will be limited to a minute of silence to be observed in the terminal buildings on Sunday 22 March 2020 at 7.58 am. Please do not gaher in the teminal or near the commemorative plague!

- Questions about the coronavirus can be asked to your company's prevention advisor or consult our website.