Innovation Runway

05 Oct 2017 | Innovation

“Even though the future seems far away, it is actually beginning right now”

Trends are a thing, be it a fidget spinner (Gadget) or a world altering shift from an oil economy to a data driven economy. I think we all would like to know the impact of a certain trend in advance but seeing as this is not possible the next best thing is to at least know that a trend is starting and how it could impact your business. The coming period we will be visiting some of these trends and sharing interesting insights / articles on the effects they could have. How will these Trends (generic & specific) impact your day to day?

  • Digital natives in the workforce
  • More regional supply chains and increased Modal Shift from Reduced Speed Differential
  • Logistics market places
  • E-commerce growth
  • Who is the competition? Amazon? (new entrants to the market)
  • Supergrid Logistics / The Physical internet
  • Big Data
  • Low-cost Sensor Technology & the Internet of Things
  • Fewer electronics are being flown. Instead, planes are full of fresh produce
  • Growth of express-parcel deliveries.

What trend would you like to learn more about? Gathering and sharing information is one of the goals of the Innovation Working group and to make sure we deliver what is interesting to you please let us know what trends keep you awake at night. Send your topics to Gilles