Central Driver Database

26 Apr 2018 | General

ACB’s Digitization steering group’s latest project launch is the implementation of a new and dedicated Central Driver Database for the BRUcargo community! ACB has obtained to work together with D&D Solutions because of their expertise in similar projects and the possibility to deliver a fast and reliable solution.

The Central Driver Database will facilitate the conformance check of the consignors or agents within the EU-RAKC database. This to validate if the delivery agent is known as a Regulated Agent or Known Consignor and guaranteeing Air Cargo Security. In the Central Driver Database Application drivers need to be registered once by the Freight Forwarders or Transport companies they work for.

The ultimate future goal is to make this application cooperate with other BRUcloud applications. The combination of the Slot Booking App and the Central Driver Database will make it possible to link a Driver to a timeslot for delivering or picking-up freight, and so create the advantage of having a traceability of the deposit and pick-up of Air Freight per slot and the linked Driver. This project will help us creating a more reliable and efficient pick-up and delivery process at the BRUcargo Ground Handling Agents.