VDAB training company LEM logistics

10 Mar 2017 | General

LEM logistics is a VDAB training company. In this company people with different backgrounds in language, culture, education and profile train to become competent employees in the logistics sector.

Our training is continuously adjusted to reflect changing trends within the labour market. Knowledge acquired previously is tested and focus is brought to the missing competencies.

It’s all about administrative tasks within logistics. Upon completion of the training, our students are employed most of the time in Brucargo and any other logistic companies in the area of Zaventem and Vilvoorde.

LEM logistics specialises in dispatching, planning, forwarding and Customs. We use the ERP-system NaviTrans 2016 and NAV 2016. Our students improve both their communication skills and their knowledge of foreign languages, and they also acquire a thorough knowledge of the Office package.

Although all of our activities are virtual, we follow real life scenarios as closely as possible. Our students are given the opportunity to first practise all the knowledge acquired in a safe environment before entering into daily business in real life.

They are generally very satisfied with the approach within LEM logistics because, from the beginning, they form a clear picture of what working within the logistics sector is like. Their customers in LEM logistics are primarily other VDAB training companies, who use our services to transport their goods to the end customer. LEM logistics ensures a correctly created transport file, with all necessary transport documents and clear communication to the customer.

You might just as well find your future employee among our students!

Following link gives you an impression on how the activities of the LEM logistics company are executed:


In case of any questions, please call or e-mail:

Karin Wyns: +32 493722524 – karin.wyns@vdab.be

Lieve T’Jonck: +32 486482114 – godelieve.tjonck@vdab.be