First General Assembly

26 Apr 2017 | General

On Monday, April 24th ACB’s first General Assembly was held. During this meeting an extensive overview of milestones & achievements was given and each chairman gave an update on the progress the working groups are making. Furthermore ACB’s strategy and future projects were clarified, an overview of planned events and activities were shown and future cooperation was highlighted as well. Of course the General Assembly contains a number of obligated topics to treat such as the approval of the annual account and the approval of the budget 2017. These and other items like discharge of the board and approval of modifications in statutes and by-laws were all approved. We would like to thank all of our members for your trust and enthusiasm, together we will make the coming years even more successful, a bright future lays ahead of us!

By clicking here you can watch a short movie highlighting milestones and achievements of one year ACB, enjoy!